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Sunrise Butterfly
The morning sun rises over the horizon, bringing light to the forest plains of Cedus. The Cedusian Morning Butterfly are known to hatch from their cocoon at this time of the day to greet the myriad of flowers in the grassy plains.

Although... some of them thought to themselves, if they're ever a human... they would rather not suffer a death from burning inside of a tank.

Another shitty attempt at painting of mine.
Quiet morning
I'm about to head to university soon, and moved into its hostel early since the uni is about 500 km away from home. 

There's no wifi in the hostel yet and I'm bored out of my mind, so I decided to dedicate my morning to this piece; produced without lineart and uses custom brushes that I made myself.

There's plenty of room for improvement from the look of it, especially at that potato attempt for the tree.
Field Test
Gonna be a little shitty and make an art based on SS13 sprites and some other sprites I stole from google images.

The hellbite venom of the giant tree spiders native to the planet of Odin IV is said to be so dangerous that it can kill its victim by causing paralysis, extreme pain, green swelling on the skin and breathing failure which leads to a painful death within 3 to 4 minutes after contact, there is no anti-venom for hellbite. The renounced mercenary company Xal Intergalactic that operates in the frontiers of space so far is the biggest buyer and user of hellbite venom; using them for assassination, intimidation and seek to have the venom in gaseous form as to use it for biological warfare.

The venom is odorless and tasteless, and a single drop into a glass of water will cause it to rapidly dissolve like sugar thus making it a great tool for assassination.

Dr Ariff Ng, a Nanotrasen scientist made a deal to have his science team to help capture and harvest the venom of the hellbite spiders which can only be done by professionals as to sell them to Xal Intergalactic for at least five hundred credits per bottle. One adult giant tree spider packs at least 10 bottles worth of venom.

After performing a field test on one of Xal Intergalactic's POW, Colonel Kruger Coatzee agreed to purchase 100 bottles as a mean for mass assassination of suspected insurgents in many of their counter-insurgency operations.

At the same time, Xal Intergalactic also gifted Dr Ng with 10 replaceable mercenary soldiers to protect him at all time.
Map of Planet Odin IV
A fictional planet that I've been working on since 2013, originally it was a planet with pan-celtic colonists but as time passes I began to take inspiration from other fictions such as the Metro series, the Elder Scrolls, Borderlands and even Space Station 13. So as a result, this planet is a fruit salad with a large variety of cultures, ideologies and races. The map has an ancient looking font because of how it was made by a bunch of feudal minded colonists living on the continent of Hadynia.
Saving up money for new tablet soon because I'm about to move to the city soon and about to have 2-3 weeks of idleness to spare before I start to get busy :D
So, I am sitting for a Business Administration Diploma which I reeeally hate and wanted to drop out so bad, but I wouldn't because of me trying to at least get a certificate so that I could earn money in the future bla bla bla, so yes, I find my education to be fairly boring and incompatible with my interest but unfortunately due to financial disadvantage and very young siblings I chose to stay with local tertiary educations that's being offered....which consists of very few program with no arts anywhere in I have no choice but to choose Business...

ANYWAY, let's get to the point. So I got depressed by having to waste 3 years of my life sitting through a diploma that I don't even really want to be in, not to mention have a very unstable social life and whacky family issues; I find that I get to release most of my stress through gaming and role-playing, so slowly I begin to take notice of the beauty of the gaming effects and how sometimes role-players describe a scene thus it inspires me to imagine a lot of stuff.

So after the Chinese New Year of 2014, I received a lot of red packets which totals up to RM600 at least then I save up the money and start searching up online for second-hand drawing tablets and happen to found one in Shanghai! So I ordered it and vroooom, a few weeks later a package appears on my doorstep with you-know-what in it.

At first, I could hardly set it up on my crappy Acer laptop let alone draw from it. So I kind of gave up for a while until a few months later I start tinkering with it again and draw a several portraits by myself! So I got excited and kept drawing to the point which I get a several art requests via Skype or Forum messaging after posting my works online in forums that I frequent. Then I start to get addicted and eventually....I am now declaring myself the drawing otaku because I somewhat dedicates myself to drawing and also taking a lonewalk to take beautiful scenic photographs (A habit I developed long before).

Today, I started to upload a several set of my work from Space-Station 13 and will have more underway~


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Daniel Ng
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Just a freelance artist and an occasional photographer. I'm practicing and experimenting with digital arts currently and seek to improve.


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