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So, I am sitting for a Business Administration Diploma which I reeeally hate and wanted to drop out so bad, but I wouldn't because of me trying to at least get a certificate so that I could earn money in the future bla bla bla, so yes, I find my education to be fairly boring and incompatible with my interest but unfortunately due to financial disadvantage and very young siblings I chose to stay with local tertiary educations that's being offered....which consists of very few program with no arts anywhere in I have no choice but to choose Business...

ANYWAY, let's get to the point. So I got depressed by having to waste 3 years of my life sitting through a diploma that I don't even really want to be in, not to mention have a very unstable social life and whacky family issues; I find that I get to release most of my stress through gaming and role-playing, so slowly I begin to take notice of the beauty of the gaming effects and how sometimes role-players describe a scene thus it inspires me to imagine a lot of stuff.

So after the Chinese New Year of 2014, I received a lot of red packets which totals up to RM600 at least then I save up the money and start searching up online for second-hand drawing tablets and happen to found one in Shanghai! So I ordered it and vroooom, a few weeks later a package appears on my doorstep with you-know-what in it.

At first, I could hardly set it up on my crappy Acer laptop let alone draw from it. So I kind of gave up for a while until a few months later I start tinkering with it again and draw a several portraits by myself! So I got excited and kept drawing to the point which I get a several art requests via Skype or Forum messaging after posting my works online in forums that I frequent. Then I start to get addicted and eventually....I am now declaring myself the drawing otaku because I somewhat dedicates myself to drawing and also taking a lonewalk to take beautiful scenic photographs (A habit I developed long before).

Today, I started to upload a several set of my work from Space-Station 13 and will have more underway~
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December 30, 2014


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